Birthday cake time


In a weeks time my baby boy turns 5.

This year he requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Bumblebee from Transformers cake!!

I love making the boys birthday cakes, or any cake for an occasion..... who am I kidding cake anytime is fine by me! The look on their face when they see the finished product is the best bit for me especially when they recognise who I've created in cake or fondant form!

Ive taken to pinterest for ideas, god I love pinterest.........

I haven't figured out the final design yet I'm either going with a round tiered cake (bottom tier TMNT sitting on a cake board covered like a pizza and a top tier Bumblebee theme) or a simple number 5 shaped cake incorporating both themes.

Images taken from Pinterest

The birthday boy hasn't specified on flavour, as yet! But you can't go wrong with a chocolate cake :)

Harry isn't having a party, his birthday is on a Friday so he'll be at school but we're taking a trip to the National History Museum the next day (Shhhhh it's a surprise!)

I'm only a hobby cake decorator but I haven't done anything for a while, the kitchen in our new house is so diddly I don't have much room to work.

Can't wait to see his face when he arrives home after school to see his finished cake. 

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