My week that was captured ~ First wek of the summer holidays!


I thought I'd share some pictures I have captured in the last week.....................
It's finally the school holidays

When I grow up I want to be a Power Ranger!


I have seen a few other blogger do this style of picture and though it would be fun for us and Harry to look back on in years to come. I look forward to starting it with Freddie in a couple years time when he starts school.

The first job of the holidays was to build the marble run Harry had for his birthday, easy right?? Wrong! this little thing took me all of three attempts and an hour to complete.

Potty traing has begun!
With it being the begining of the school holidays and havng no plans this week or the early morning rush, I tought it would be a good time to start potty training Freddie......

He hasnt had as many accidents as I expected him too and is doing quite well, until yesterday when every inch of my living room carpet had a puddle at some point - que stressed out Mummy wanting to sit in the corner and have a little sob!  

Making a sticker chart has helped with the victories, he gets so excited to place a sticker on his chart once a wee or poo is in the potty. I wanted something to help keep him motvated.

Mutitasking at its finest!

What have you been upto this week?
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