Starting to become a real housewife


~Alot of the time I cook from scratch
~I can wash up, make breakfast and make lunch boxes all at once!

~I may not have a daily cleaning schedule but I do clean ( as much as Iain will deney that I do, just because he knows it winds me up)
~After the bomb that is HRH & his younger brother have hit the toy room I can put everything back in its (correct) home within minutes to a showroom standard - do showrooms 
have toy rooms!?

Eventhough I do all of this   

I think I am now becoming a real housewife........


I'm doing the ironing!

Most people who know me will know I don't iron I'm more of a shake out the creases & hang it up kind a gal or if i'm desperate for something ironed Iain will do it.

Fast forward to June 2015 and I think i'm actually starting to enjoy irioning, I can do it of an evening and still catch up with my Sky+ programes the biggest plus is its stopping me form sitting on my arse of an evening and eating chocolate!!

Does your iron get used or is it an ornament!?

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