Will I always be broody??


What is with me, I'm always broody!!

If I had my way we'd be well on the way to baby number three by now!


But it's not just up to me and together we have decided that we will only have two children, honestly its taking me quite a while to get my head around the fact I won't be pregnant again, have those newborn cuddles and that small hand wrap around my finger. 

I think I may just be eternally broody though, there is just something about a tiny little newborn that makes my heart melt!

I'm the person that peaks in a pram to take a look at that angelic sleeping face!

Has a chat with a bubba that gives me a cheeky smile whilst laid in the supermarket trolley.

And that I'm that girl that babysits, gets projectile vomited on & isn't the least bit bothered! 

I'm just going to have to soak up all the baby cuddles from my friends who are popping out kids and hopefully one day I'll become an Auntie!

My boys are my absolute world, they are the absolute loves of my life - thank god I was broody in the first place or I may not have been blessed with them.

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