Let them be little.



I recently stumbled across a quote, it made me think of all the little day to day things the boys do that I stress over;

Leaving toys in every room ~ including the bathroom
Getting Wheetabix in the carpet
Having grass stained knees on their trousers
Having muddy fingernails
Hidding the car keys
Doing naked laps of the house after a bath
Roaring like a dinosaur
Laughing at my boobies when I get changed!

Soon my little guys won't need me to wash their hair, to point out the aeroplanes in the sky or to make sure their shoes are on the right feet!

In the blink of an eye they'll be little men.


I've decided the toy room can stay messy, the fileling cabinet untidy and the sound of roaring can be heard daily!

For as long as I can I will let them be little!!

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