On to year 1!



Wow that year went fast! Harry has now completed his first year at school & will be moving up to year 1 in September.

He is so excited to be continuing his school journey. 

I never thought he'd be one of the children who'd run into the playground to find his friends and I wouldn't see him until the bell rings and he is grabbing his book bag from me whilst I try to grab a goodbye kiss!

I went into the playground that first morning fully expecting him to be hanging off my leg bawling his eyes out, too my surprise though we haven't had a single tear about school.

This year has seen some difficult times for our boy, he is being followed by a Speech and Language therapist as he had and still has a speech delay - which school has 90% improved. I am so grateful to his teachers , teaching assistants and friends for helping Harry with his speech.

I worried he wouldn't 'fit in' to the classroom with his speech difficulties but I was assured within the first few days when his teacher told me 'If I can't quite understand him, his friends always know what he want/needs or is trying to say'!

Well a year on and most days Harry has verbal dihoria! He talks so blooming fast sometimes I can't believe it's the same kid talking to me!

He has learnt and developed so much, soaking it all up like a sponge and we couldn't be prouder if we tried (yes I know we're bias!)

Who was your teacher? Mrs Reed - Gainsborough class

What was your best bit of reception class? Getting to play with dinosaurs

What was your favourite job in class? Being pencil monitor! 

What do you do at playtime? Had fruit snack & milk. Played Star Wars.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Power Ranger (the red one)


Here's to the next year of your school life, love you Buddy x

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