Top 5 Kids Products.


As a Mum of two boys under four I've used my fair share of baby & toddler products, but our favourites have to be........

  • Books, both of my boys absolutely love reading and we have a huge stash of books.

  • Munchkin click lock cups, over the last three and a half years we have used SO many different bottles/Sippy cups and the Munchkin click lock cups are by far our favourite. They're called Non-spill & they defiantly don't
  • Snack pots, means less raisins on the floor of the car!

  • Apps, Harry especially likes to play on our Iphones / Ipad and he has a few apps he especially likes (but that's another post!)

  • Sainsburys Little ones nappies, I absolutely love these nappies and Ive tried every brand around & I especially love the price. 

What are your top 5 kids products?


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