On the move again!


A couple of weeks ago we had a call from the letting agents that manage the property we rent, the call was to inform us that our landlady was putting the house on the market.

This could always happen with renting a property but weve only been here a year, we hoped this would be our home for a few years at least!
I still have boxes sitting in the back of a cupboard that havent been unpacked yet!

We are wanting/needing to stay in our current location due to our biggest little starting the local school in September...eekk! With this in mind we had two properties to view that fit our criteria- one we have viewed and have been pipped to the post by another family who could move in next week(our tenancy doesnt end until April) so we view our second and at the moment FINAL choice this afternoon.

The thought of packing all our belongings up again fills me with dread! As this time i'll have two little pairs of hands to 'help'!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Have you moved around alot?
Do you have any moving tips?

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