Harringtons Dog food - Review



Rusko recently had the chance to try Harringtons natural dog food!

I'd never come across this brand before, admittedly Rusko isn't fussy and prefers supermarket own foods after trying him on all the expensive stuff! 

We used the dry food mixed in with his usual meat chunks in a gravy mix, the pieces of biscuit were smaller than his usual mix- which he actually seemed to prefer.

He had absolutly no qualms about it & scoffed it all right away!


Rusko has two meals a day consisting of half a tin of meat chunks in gravy mixed with one large scoop of dry mix.

We were sent the Harrington's Rich in turkey with veg Adult dog food. 
Their foods are available to purchase in both the UK & France
Any bloggers who would like to review Harringtons food contact info@harringtonspetfood.com & mention my blog name.

What food does your dog eat?

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