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I originally posted this recipe on 20th August 2014

Since the warmer weather arrived we've definitely been getting our moneys worth from our BBQ!

Wanting to branch out from the normal burgers and sausages we decided to hunt for some special sides to create.

Whilst on holiday I stumbled across Mr Jamie Oliver's food tube BBQ book, I liked the pictures for sure! and after reading through a few recipes I was sold.

One of the recipes I read is actually now become our new BBQ favourite (as the blog title suggests!) 

The next time we fired up the BBQ it was the top of our menu, we followed the recipe to the t and It was amazing! We have made it again & deviated from the recipe and they are equally amazing!!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes (obviously!)
Chorizo, diced
Red onion, diced
Grated cheese (cheddar)

• Rub sweet potatoes with olive oil & salt
• Place straight onto the bbq rack & cover until soft all the way through (around an hour on our gas bbq)
• Brown the onions with the chorizo in a frying pan and set aside
• (For this step we put the potatoes into a baking tray- less mess!) When the potatoes are soft carefully slit them open and top with the chorizo mix then the cheese 
• Return the potatoes back to the bbq & leave until the cheese has melted

What do you enjoying cooking on the BBQ?

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