2 year old health check


So Freddie had his 2 year check last week (although he's 2 years and 6 months), our health visitor team like to carry out he checks a little nearer to them being 3!

I was a little apprehensive about the visit, for one she was coming to our house & not us going to our surgery and secondly I've been starting to become abit worried about Freddie's speech.

I've felt over the last few months that he maybe hasn't been saying as much as he should be (I hate saying that - as he 'should' be as I know each and every child is so very different how can a bench mark be set) we never really had a gage to go by as Harry was a very late speaker and has difficulty with his sounds, he still does and is under our local speech and language team (I haven't actually written about Harry's journey, but am happy to do so if it would help anybody)

Anyhow I digress! I had already written down a list of all the words that Freddie could say clearly to show the health visitor, and it was the first thing I mentioned to her. Straight away she put me at ease by saying that the list of words I had given her were enough if not more than what she would expect him to be saying.

She could see I was obviously concerned about it & when I explained about Harry's slow started speech and language therapy journey I was assured Freddie would not be left behind ~ so we have decided to touch base again at the start of September to see if we'd like for him to be referred for some form of help.

It felt so nice for our concerns to be listened to and not brushed aside as quite frequently can happen as a parent but myself and Iain know our boys and our voices should be heard.

What's your experiences with your local health team?

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