Learning through play activities.


I've been scouring good old Pinterest for 'games' to play with both of the boys that are also educational.
With Harry now at school I'm realising Freddie needs a bit more educational play in his days.
This activity caught my eye straight away ~ taking blocks that can be stacked together (the original 'pin' showed duplo but we only have mega blocks which work just the same) your child picks a card and has to make the pattern show on said card using blocks.
Each card shows the number of blocks in the pattern in both numbers and words.
Freddie had great fun playing the game, although he wouldn't let me take a picture of him!! This was great for Freddie to recognise colours and numbers as well as pattern sequences.
Harry also joined in with this game ~ taking it to the next level, sounding out and saying the words on the cards and being able to put them in sequence smallest to tallest.
What will this activity help with?
  • Colour recognition
  • Learning numbers
  • Learning Letters
  • Understanding patterns
  • Fine motor skills
  • Letter recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Spelling
  • Understanding size
Have a look at my Pinterest for more Literacy and Numeracy learning ideas; 

What is your child's favourite way to learn through play?

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