I heart my pet - Say hello to Rusko!


As part of the I heart my pet campaign the National Office for Animal Health have released figures that show 77% of people believe their pet’s health is as important or more important than their own. I totally agree.
If you follow me on Istagram you'll have seen many a picture of our dog Rusko!
Found out here why I love my pet.....


Rusko is a two year and a half year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he has lived with us for almost a year now and I cant imagine the house with out him.

He is definitely the soppiest Staffy I've have ever some across and he is the boys best friend, never minding when they want to climb all over him or when Harry wants to be a dog too and share his bed!



Although he has a penchant for chewing the post and would prefer to be a lap dog and be able to sleep on the sofa rather than his bed.....I love him all the same.


Rusko greats everyone with a waggy tail and lots of friendly licks. He is always happy to see you whatever mood you are in which I adore!

This is my entry into the I Heart My Pet blogger competition.

Do you have any pets?
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