A~Z of Me!


A~Z of me!

I found the A-Z post on Emma at Emma and Alfies worlds' blog & decided to join in!

A- Anger, I rarely get angry but 9 times out of 10 I bottle it up rather than letting it out.

B- Boys. Im so gratefull for my boys, they give me something to smile about each day.

C- Cake decorating is my hobby.

D- Thanks to Harry there is a dinosaur in most rooms of the house!

E- Experiment, I very rarely follow a recipe I like to make my own variations of different dishes.

F- Freddie, my cheeky,loud & loving 14 month old daredevil!

G- Gestation, I was born at 28 weeks. Both my boys were late!

H- Harry, my shy, quiet observante & dinosaur obsessed 3 year old.

I- Iain my boyfriend of 7 years & the best Daddy to our boys. Very lucky to have him.

J- Jelly, yuck! I just can't like it & I mean whats not to like water,food colouring & lots of sugar!

K- Kitchen, theres nothing I like better than to be in the kitchen cooking.

L- Lucy...is my name!

M- Mum, nothing compares to being a Mum its something so special in its own right. 

N- Nighttime sky. I love a nice sunset.

O- Overinduldge, I'm a bit of a food lover but I need to learn the word moderation! And I cant use the excuse that I'm pregnant anymore!

P- I have a pacemaker, it was fitted when I was 17.

Q- Quality time, Iain and I don't spend much time together without the boys. When it does happen we usually treat ourselfs to a nice meal out.

R- Rusko is our 2 year old Staffy. He is the boys best friend & is the soppyist dog around. 

S- I have a real sweet tooth 🍩πŸͺ🍰🍫

T- If I dont start the day with a cuppa Tea it doesnt feel right.

U- Upbringing, I have lived in the same village all my life & in the same house until I moved in with Iain. I love having all my family closeby. My parents, younger sister & brother are about 2 minutes walk from our house.

V- Vacuming, in our house its Iains job!

W- Winter, although I moan about the cold! I love winter, layering up & feeling snug with a nice hot chocolate- bliss.

X- Im not a gamer but we do have an Xbox (see what I did clever huh!) to catch up with Breaking Bad.

Y- Yankee Candles,they were sold in the shop where I worked before having the boys. I still cant decide on a favourite.

Z- Zodiac sign, Pisces.  

Thats me!

Also check out Emmas A-Z here

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