Hello new Slow cooker!


So this may seem a little sad but I was excited that we were kindly given a slow cooker for Christmas!! (God I'm getting old) 

We used to have a small slow cooker when we first lived together but it broke & I never replaced it, but over the last few months & lots of hectic tea times I got to thinking it may be a good idea to get a new one.
I'm looking forward to being able to prepare a dinner the night before when I've finished work, leave any meat needed in the fridge & plonk it all in the pot to cook during the next day.
We have a busy day of D.I.Y today so thought I'd give a simple sausage casserole a try.

Here is my recipe;


• Grill sausages until browned
• Whilst sausages are cooking prepare the veg. I used carrots, onion, swede & parsnip. (cube all the veg into roughly the same size) 
• Add the sausages and veg into the pot with tinned tomatoes a dash of wostershire sauce, dried herbs, a little tomato puree & around 3/4 pint stock
• Cook on 'LOW' for 8 hours or 'HIGH' for 5 hours

This is very much a throw it all in recipe....my favourite!! So it can be adapted to what ever you have in the cupboard. 

                       What are your favourite slow cooker recipes?

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