Chicken and bacon lasagne ~ Easy recipe


One of my favourite easy recipes has to be Chicken & Bacon Lasagne, which was actually adapted from the Bacon & tomato lasagne in the Philadelphia Cookbook. 
It takes all of 15 minutes to prepare and then it sits quietly in the oven for 20 minutes ~ EASY PEASY!

What you'll need:

Olive oil
chicken breast
tin of chopped tomatoes
diced onion
grated cheese
crushed garlic
cream cheese
dried herbs
lasagne sheets


  1. Brown off the chopped onion, bacon and chicken in the oil for five minutes until coloured.

2. Whilst the meat is cooking mix two heaped tbsp of cream cheese with two tbsp of milk.
3. Once the meat is browned add the chopped tomatoes, garlic and herbs then simmer for five minutes.


4. After simmering the liquid set the pan aside to cool and then add the cheese mixture.
    5. Now the lasagne can be assembled, add the meat mixture to a suitable dish then the lasagne sheets.......repeat until all the mixture has been used.
6. I know top the last lasagne pasta sheets with a mix of three tbsp cream cheese, 60g grated cheese, three tbsp of milk and a dash of dried herbs.
    7. Pre heat the oven to 190C.
8. Bake for 20 minutes.

What's your favourite easy recipe?


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