My birth story #2


Here is the story of my second birth.... 
 Freddie's birth story;
Jan 2012
Here we go again, 2nd time round & fingers crossed for a girl to complete our family.
My 2nd pregnancy was so different to the first, mainly because I didn't have the time to dwell on feeling/being sick whilst running around after Harry and working part was all a nice distraction to the not so nice bits of the pregnancy.

Once again my due date had been and gone just like I had a feeling it would.
Due date pic!

After having a sweep (aren't they just fab?!) I woke up not feeling brilliant so Harry went out for the day with my Grandparents. 
The baby's movements had reduced a little so I rung the maternity unit who advised me to rest for a while take a hot bath & see it the movements changed after lunchtime. So I filled my morning with cat naps a warm bath & lots of bouncing on my new best friend the birthing ball, even all of this didn't wake the little bubba up so we ventured down to the maternity unit so I could be monitored.

I was convinced I was having contractions but not feeling them strongly last time because of the epidural I wasn't 100% certain.
So after an hour of being monitored I was told all was fine - the baby started doing a dance once I was hooked up, no contractions & to go home, and an induction was booked for 3 days later.

Iain had some errands to run so he picked up Harry & arrived back home around 7:30, whilst he was gone I was quite happy to bounce on the birthing ball or lean over sofa when the period like pain came over me all the while watching one born every minute for inspiration! 

I'd been telling myself for the last few weeks that this time I didn't want an epidural I could do it with out-Iain wasn't convinced!

At 9 we headed off to bed and within half an hour I literally jumped out of bed with the most almighty pain that went all the way from my belly button round to my back & everywhere in between. Oh My God- was this it are these proper contractions after a couple more very painful pains I declared they were & melted into a mess of despair in between our bed & the empty cot next to it- I lost all control! After what felt like a hours worth of pain rushing over me at once I had calmed down some what & decided to pop to the toilet. Whilst sat on the toilet I felt a rush of enormous pressure & had to place my hand 'down there' to reassure myself the baby wasn't that close to coming- umm wrong my baby's head was most definitely down in the correct area and ready to make an appearance, I got up calmly & walked over to the basin to wash my hands, whilst doing so my waters broke.

This next phase was all a bit blurry, all I knew was that if I didn't want any drugs or couldn't get any Id have to 'breathe in through my nose & out through my mouth' that is all that was going through my head as I heard Iain on the phone to hospital- at this point I was lead on the bathroom floor legs a spread clutch onto the bath with hand doing all I could think of 'breathe in through my nose & out through my mouth'.

There was no way I was getting down the stairs into the car & driving 20 mins to the hospital let alone get dressed. The midwives were sent out to me along with the paramedics.

Mum arrived & with Harry fast asleep in the next room the next 30 mins felt like a lifetime.

The paramedics arrived & offered me gas & air but I was concentrating so hard on breathing that I wouldn't open my eyes for him to explain it all to me. Then I heard the most soft & calming voice- the midwife & within seconds I was sucking on that gas & air like a good'en.  

I heard a piercing shriek and everything went black, then I heard that voice again the soft, calming one 'Lucy breathe some fresh air & place your hand here'.

The head I just felt my baby's head & all of a sudden I didn't need that gas & air anymore. 
At 10:58 pm on our bathroom floor surrounded by paramedics, midwifes and of course Iain & my Mum our second little boy was born, he was here.
I delivered the placenta & was cleaned up and we all moved into our bedroom for those fabulous first newborn cuddles.

First cuddles
The midwifes arrived so quickly that they left the scales at the hospital!
I needed a couple of stitches and the midwifes said it was to do it at home & no need to go into hospital. Whilst I was stitched up Harry got to meet his new baby brother Freddie. 

Harry meeting his little brother.
I'm not sure how any of us slept that evening- I'm still shocked now at how fast it all happened, where it happened! 
The next day the midwife came to weigh him, he was 8lb 7oz & she jotted down that at a guess my labour lasted around 2 1/2 hours.
On the 2nd November at 10:58 PM our family was complete (for now!)- not completed by a little girl I had longed for but by another boy.
A gorgeous little boy who's growing up to be a complete opposite to his big brother, a complete daredevil! 

My boys xx

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