New christmas tradition; Christmas Eve Box


So as from this Christmas I've decided to do the boys a Christmas Eve box, over the last couple of years I've seen the idea pop up a lot along the way.

Now that I have it all ready I thought I'd share with you what the boxes will be filled with.

Colouring book ~ The Works  
Snowman pencil & rubber ~ Tesco

Rudey's Windy Christmas ~ The Book People
Peppa Goes Skating ~ The Book People

Personalised Placemats & Coasters ~ Ebay
Reindeer Food ~ Made by my Sister-in-law
Melamine Cups ~ Local Xmas Fair
Thornton's Snowman Chocolates ~ 99p Shop 
Melamine Plates (not pictured as for the life of me I don't know where I've put them! ~ 99p shop (set of two)

Wipe Clean Writing Board & pen ~ The Works

Santa Pjs ~ B&M
Santa's Little Helper Pjs ~ Ebay 
I'll be making a Christmas Eve plate for Father Christmas and Rudolph's treats like the one featured in my Christmas Pinterest Board post to put with their boxes.

I haven't gone too crazy this year, just adding a few things to keep them occupied whilst the last few lose ends are tied for the big day!

Will you be making a Christmas eve box this year?

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