This is my first blog so I thought I should start by telling you all a bit about myself and why I've taken the plunge into the blogging world!

I'm a twenty five year old Mum to my two little monsters (aged 3 & 1) living on the Somerset/Dorset boarder with my man, the boys and our dog!

Out numbered four to one on the male front I feel its time for me to create a little bit of my own space.......

I have a love of food both cooking and eating it! and also have a little hobby of cake decorating, so look out for posts of my favourite recipes.

Forever with my IPhone recording our adventures, home life, eats, mommy and son moments, tantrums and mishaps all of which I'm happy to share.

I will post as much as I can and I hope that you enjoy my posts.

Lucy x 

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