Monday, 30 March 2015

London life.*

London is somewhere that isn't all that far away from us (three hours by train), has so much to offer but we have only ever been together once!
It was just after Harrys first birthday and eleven of us went up for a family day out & to experience the London eye.  
Even only being small at the time Harry loved it and was completely in awe of everything he came across!
If we had the chance to go again how would we spend our perfect weekend in London? 
Recently we have started thinking about our plans for Harrys fifth birthday (I can remember our last day out in London like it was yesterday not nearly 4 years ago)! 
Our big little man has come out of his shell immensely since starting school back in September and has become the question master to all subjects, he needs to know everything about anything and wont stop until he finds the answer he needs! 
Harry is in his element when laid on the floor surrounded by plastic dinosaurs big and small roaring away.
So we've decided to take him to the Natural history museum, a day out for him to be completely immersed in all things that a five year old animal loving boy could want.
Images from Google Images.
We are yet undecided wether to head up to London  straight after school on the Friday afternoon and stay the night so that we can get as much crammed into the day or to take the earliest train up on the Saturday morning to arrive in London just after 9am.       
There are so many options to look at if we were to stay the night, from a simple chain B&B to a family friendly hotel.
With it being a special occasion trip I think we'll opt for more special accommodation for our stay, a 'family friendly' hotel really appeals to me.
The Royal Garden Hotel sounds perfect for our stay overlooking Kensington palace and gardens with views of Hyde park. The hotel is a mere 20 minute walk to the Natural History Museum, close to Kensington tube station (five minute walk) if your driving to London there is a onsite car park. We would travel up by train to Waterloo which is a twenty minute car ride away.
At the 5* hotel all rooms feature the usual Wi-Fi, flat screen Tv, ipod docking station, radio and air conditioning everything to keep your little ones happy on a stay away from home.      
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