Meal planning Monday 2/2/2015


Happy 2015 !

Haven't posted a meal plan in a while.................
I'm now having to food shop and meal plan for the month as Iain no longer gets paid weekly, I made a big list of everything we had in the frezzer, fridge & store cupboard before I made a shopping list to take with me.  

We had way more in the frezzer than I'd thought! 
Harry is also trying out hot school meals up until half term so I have to think about what he is having for lunch & try not to duplicate it!

Monday ~ Nigellas pasta risotto with bacon and peas (will be subbing the bacon for Chorizo)
Tuesday ~ Brothers birthday tea @ Mums!
Wednesday ~ Slow Cooker chicken curry with rice
Thursday ~ Spaghetti carbonara
Friday ~ Steak with dauphinoise potatoes
Saturday ~ Filled chicken breast with carrot and swede mash
Sunday ~ Roast @ Mums! 
How do you decide what to put on your meal plan?
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