Starting School and Ive become a name labeling pro!


As I write this my not so little man is strutting around the house modelling his new school uniform.  In '1 sleeps time' he will setting of on a new adventure his first day of Primary School.

A few weeks before he finished pre-school we had a letter from his new teacher explaining some details for the start of term & at the bottom of the letter it stated 'All items of school clothing must be named... Including socks'.

Well all I can say to this is thank god for The Name Label Company.

I received a large pack of mixed labels plenty enough to label every piece of Harrys school clothing, shoes and even his water bottle.

 The labels arrived with an excellent instructions for use guide with handy top tips.
The instructions were easy and clear to follow which made attaching the many labels all the more easier!
It takes just 3 easy steps:
Remove the label from the backing sheet & place on to the clothing
With the iron on wool setting hold flat on the label for 10-15 seconds
Remove the iron and leave to cool

The shoe labels come printed in a foot shape! Which is fab because it will help Harry to put his shoes on the right feet (hopefully!) They also come with a clear laminate patch to place over the label to help protect it from wear.
I then used the stick on vinyl labels for Harry's water bottle, he'll also have one on his lunchbox when he starts full days in a few weeks time.
These labels are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser proof so fab for all the family!
All of the labels I was sent to review were very easy to attach and made from great quality material.
I will say wait for your iron to fully heat up before you start applying the labels as when I took the jumpers out of the washing machine the labels and disappeared. These were the first items I put the labels onto so can only think I didn't have the iron quite hot enough .
All labels purchased include;
Free & fast UK delivery
Lifetime guarantee (excluding stick ons)
A choice of 3 font types & 7 colours to personalise your design 
Many images to chose from to add to your name label including allergy signs (allergy nut, allergy dairy etc)
The Name Label Company also offers blank labels to cover existing labels when clothes are passed on or sent to a charity shop.
You can also raise funds for your School/PTA, Nursery, Club or Charity. Contact the lovely folk at The Name Label Company and they will send you a unique voucher code. Each time the code is used at their checkout your chosen group will receive 20% of the total order (at the end of each month the total raised will be sent by cheque).
I'm very happy with the labels I received and will defiantly be making more orders in the future.
Want to follow me?
* These items were sent for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.


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