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I've recently got back into home cooking, so I thought I'd share some of the meals we've been enjoying......

Steak with pizza topped mushrooms, potato bake and spinach.

It was really nice to have something other than chips with our steak (Iain wasnt too keen!!)

Toad in the hole with mashed potato, spinach and gravy.

Sausgaues are a big hit for everyone in our house, for once my toad in the hole turnt out brilliantly.....Does anybody have any fool proof recipies or tips for making a perfect toad?

Mexican night ~ fajtas, nachos and mexican rice.

Mexican has to be one of mine and Iains favourite types of meal, I always make my own fajita mix and found a easy recipe for the rice to have as a side instead of chips!

Slimming World lamb kebab and chicken tikka kebab, sweet potato chips and red peppers.

A friend raved to me about the slimming world fakeaway donna kebab, Iain normlaly enjoys a lamb kebab whilst i'd opt for chicken so decided to give both recipes ago......
needless to say im now a convert and the lamb kekbab is a firm hit so flavourfull and an added bonus it can be done in the slow cooker.
Top tip- if you don't like the bite of raw onion in a salad soften it in boiling water.

    Coronation chicken bagel

This was a quick lunch to use up some left over chicken and the last bagel, it was super easy and so tasty. I've made a tub of this coronation chicken as a sandwich filler, makes a change from boring ham and chesse.

Microwave Orzo for one!

Sometimes I really fancy a quick hot meal for my lunch, I made this orzo on a chilly day and it did a fab job of warming me up!

I added some chorizo and ham that needed using up, and the whole thing took no more than 15 minutes in the microwave.

Chips and gravy.

This has got to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for me!
Yum Yum!


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  1. Nice article, thank you so much for the share


  2. These meals look incredibly healthy and tasty! Definitely giving me some inspirations for meal prepping for next week, thanks for the share.
    Greg Prosmushkin



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